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Rules: (in case you've forgotten)
1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
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6) You can't say that you don't do tags.
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Got tagged by both :iconshyfe: and :iconpaulagirl93: and I'm feeling pleased and flattered so I'm going to do both sets of ten because why not? First off: Shyfe’s

1. What's your dream job? And are you working at it now, or working towards it?Self-supporting author with perhaps a webcomic on the side and some sort of Etsy business because I am pretty ridiculous. Not currently working at it but working more toward it than I used to and working more and more toward it.

2. Could you ever see yourself as the leader of your country? Would you ever want to be?
Nupe. Nupe nupe nupe. I am fairly certain it would break me like an eggshell, just smash me into tiny pieces with the amount of media stormage and vitriol that comes with attempting to accomplish anything.

3. Have you ever had to confront and overcome your worst nightmare? (being afraid of spiders doesn't count!)
I have not. There are a number of smaller fears like public speaking and taking charge of things that I have faced but confronting and overcoming a serious fear? I have not.

4. What smell is the worst smell in the world to you?
Puke. Makes me puke. The worst.

5. Black licorice and black licorice jelly beans do not taste the same, am I right?They do not, although Jelly Bellys and jelly beans for licorice also taste different.

6. Would you ever spend the night in Hotel de Glace?
100% absolutely. I read an article about it a few years back and it’s on the ol’ bucket list.

7. Who is your favourite super hero and why?
Batman (Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis) in part because of nostalgia and fondness and also because he was a responsible person and a fitting heir to the Batman title and he had crotchety old Bruce Wayne and some amazing villains and I just really liked him.

8. What pokemon would be your ideal starter out of all the starter pokemon?Bulbasaur was my first but out of all of them? Torchic. Blaziken became my unstoppable destroyer and I still have intense fondness for them.

9. I love whales! What is your favourite species of whale?
Humpbacks or gray whales. Probably humpbacks. Those crazy eerie songs and Star Trek early imprinted fondness.

10. What class do you usually roll in video games? (Rogue, Mage, Tank, etc.)
Straightforward fighter, although if there’s a hybrid class that doesn’t relegate you to healing like a cleric or being lawful anything like most paladins, I go with that. I tend to prefer brute force but I do enjoy wielding magic.

Okay. Questions. (from Paulagirl93)


1. Favorite color and why.
Crimson. It appeals to me on a visceral level. I love rich reds when coloring or just in general. Red like blood. Red has such good psychological and cultural coding too in terms of passion and hunger and general liveliness.

2. What is the most recent fanfiction you've read and the summary?
Uhh… Hm. Probably one of Max’s things. I was reading through his AO3 stuff…. No wait I reread ‘Mind Eraser, No Chaser’ on a whim the other day. Summary: post ‘The Avengers,’ Tony comes up with a plan to get Thor drunk and gets the rest of the Avengers to come along on what promises to be hijinks and misadventures with a side of mayhem and property damage.

3. Suppose you were allowed one superpower. What would it be and why?
Interspace portals because the one thing I want to do the most these days is visit friends who are far far away and with time constraints and whatnot it would be AMAZING to just be able to jump places.

4. Are you more of an rp-er or artist (writing counts)?
A year ago I would 100% have said rper but these days I’m more an artist. RP has been my drug of choice for a very long time and now that I’m kind of out of the habit and the club circles I have a lot more time to pursue things like career paths and whatnot so I’m probably gonna stick with this although I do miss being submerged always in RP.

5. Best High School Experience?
Uh….. hmm… Probably senior year after the AP tests when the day was relaxing with friends and hanging out and duking it out in card games and general bonding.

6. Worst High School Experience?
First day of freshman year getting stopped by a security guard for ‘dress code violations’ because my shorts had ridden up. Was just a warning but on the first day of high school when I already have a lot of body issues and I had gone with the shorts on a daring whim I was pretty traumatized and wound up crying in the vice principal’s office. A hardened criminal I am not.

7. Favorite non-domesticated animal?
Probably wolves. Their social structure fascinates me and also… wolves.

8. Your dream vacation, what is it?
Sightseeing in places I’m interested, ostensibly Venice and Murano, with treks to England to see Hogwarts and New Zealand to see the Shire, plus Japan to see everything.

9. Do you believe in Love at First sight or Instant Connection?
Yes I believe it happens, no I don’t believe it spells destiny or even lasting love. Love takes work and nurturing.

10. Can you touch your toes?
Good question…. post exercise yes, pre exercise and in jeans, no.

Questions for tagged people:

  1. Do you have any stuffed animals on your bed? If so, what are they?

  2. If money was not a factor, what would you cosplay/like to see cosplayed well?

  3. What anime (or 5) do you think everyone should watch?

  4. How many OCs would you say you have, approximately? 5? 50? 500?

  5. What is your current creative focus?

  6. What is your usual thing to do with your hair?

  7. What media and supplies do you favor for sketching?

  8. Favorite book genre?

  9. Favorite tea type?

  10. Glass, ceramic, or plastic cups?

And tagging... :iconranya-ni: :iconphr34kish: :iconyukino-green: :iconairitankou: :icongeans123: :icongabble: :iconairpiratealy: :iconchiyokins: :iconorionstorm: :iconsadieyourlady: (sorry I know some of you have been tagged before but now you are being TAGGED AGAIN! Do it or not as you please <3) 
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