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September 14, 2011
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DR: Trick Jameson by VicariousRed DR: Trick Jameson by VicariousRed
Name: Patrick “Trick” Blair Jameson

Age: 17 (March 13)

Height: 6’3” when he stands up straight, which he rarely does

Weight: 160 (lanky and skinny, a good word for him is gangling)

Race: Demigod

Sex: Male

:bulletgreen:Mist form: A pendulum he wears as a bracelet or a choker
:bulletgreen:Non-Mist form: Bola

God-parent: Hypnos

Mortal Parent:
Moira Jameson: A narcoleptic, she found herself drawn to the field of cognitive science, with an emphasis on searching for a cure for the condition that inconvenienced her at every turn. Her dedication to the science of sleep is what drew Hypnos to her and left her with Patrick (she refuses to call him by his “uncouth” nickname).

:bulletgreen: A Light Touch :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Double shot: With a touch he can give a burst of frantic energy and prevent the recipient from resting for ten minutes, like drinking a coffee with several shots of espresso
:bulletgreen: Short circuit: The power jolt is stronger now and only happens through conscious effort, the subject's willing permission, and physical contact, leaving the target jittery and more prone to fits of ADD for an hour with a half hour post-caffeine-like crash at the end.
:bulletgreen: But I'm not sleepy: A burst of energy transmitted through conscious effort, recipient's permission, and physical contact that lasts for a maximum of two hours, no longer hounded by jitteriness or the subsequent crash.
:bulletgreen: Ritalin: Soothe existing jittery/ADD feelings, increase focus and alertness without the crash, max 6 hours
:bulletgreen: Insomniac: Remove the ability to fall asleep

:bulletgreen: Nap Attack :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Tag, you’re it: Trick triggers a sleep attack in himself and passes it to a recipient with skin to skin contact. If they dodge successfully, Trick is knocked out instead
:bulletgreen:Nap tap: Trick can pass sleep attacks to others through skin contact without falling prey to the effect even if they dodge

Trick is easygoing and adaptable as a result of his chaotic childhood. It often seems that he has no temper to lose, though he has a mischievous streak a mile long. Once he understood what his touch could do, Trick took great glee in innocuously brushing against people and leaving them wired and jittery for an hour.

Deadly Flaw:
Short-sighted enthusiasm and destructive boredom: Perhaps because of his no-nonsense mother, Trick is determined to enjoy himself every moment, even if doing so means breaking the rules and getting himself into trouble. He rarely stops to consider the effect of his actions and, if he thinks he’s being left out, will charge headlong into a conversation or situation.

Trick was an unexpected complication in his mother’s life. Driven to understand her affliction, she had become one of the top authorities in the study of insomnia and was shuttled from university to facility to research center to lend a hand with various tests and therapies. Though frustrated with the restriction, she did love her son, and did her best to insure he got a thorough education despite their globe-trotting lifestyle. She moved them around so much in part because of the demand for her skills, but also to keep her son safe.

Trick grew up in hotels and apartments and day care, or thrust into whatever lectures were applicable at universities that wished to have his mother, learning a little here and a little there. The whirlwind lifestyle changed abruptly when he turned 13 and his father’s glowing symbol appeared over his head. When he told his mother about the weird hologram that had shown up that no one in his class could see, her mouth narrowed to a thin line and she refused to explain. Within a month, she had moved them to a small town in Iowa, enrolled him into sixth grade at the local middle school, and stayed at home, doing her work remotely.

The abrupt shift left him rather disoriented and his previously patchwork education left him behind in most of his classes. Trick, however, remained stubbornly cheerful and endured his mother's determined tutoring and drilling now that she had the time. Thanks to her cudgeling and despite his dyslexia and ADD, he clawed his way up to excellence by the time he reached high school. Still, he had few friends as the narcolepsy he had inherited from his mother got him branded a freak after the first few times he lay down on the grass or in the halls and became dead to the world for 10-15 minutes.

Convinced that his constant sleep attacks were making him miss all the fun things, Patrick became rather a caffeine junkie after he felt a sleep attack coming on and believed that he staved it off by chugging a Red Bull. In truth, his burgeoning power was the cause, though he didn’t connect the dots until he grabbed another boy’s arm in PE one day and the kid became as jittery as if he had been injected with caffeine.

Within a month, Twitch tracked him down by his strengthening scent as Trick gained more conscious control over his powers. After speaking with Trick’s mother, Twitch approached the teenager and explained the situation. Flooded with relief that there was an explanation for his unnatural abilities, Trick went with Twitch willingly to learn more of his heritage and to free his mother from the burden of protecting him.

Other Info:
:bulletgreen:Trick attributes his height to his excessive sleeping.
:bulletgreen:He primarily uses his power on himself when he feels a sleep attack coming on.
:bulletgreen:In a misguided attempt to attract friends, Patrick took to dying his blonde hair and got his nose pierced. When that failed to work, he moved on to piercing his lip, then his tongue, then his lip again, convinced that it would make him “cool.” He refrained from piercing his ears for fear it would make sleeping uncomfortable.
:bulletgreen:He recently changed his nose piercing from a nostril to a new hold in his septum to match his stuffed-animal from Dimitri.
:bulletgreen:When he asked Twitch about what sort of shops were around the camp and was told about the restrictions on leaving the ground, he packed a box full of various colors of dye to keep himself well-supplied.
:bulletgreen: Trick is left handed
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Slawton Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Awesome he looks like a sim!!!
VicariousRed Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, so was not the intention .__. never even played the game >__>
Slawton Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Student General Artist
haha fair enough! XD
VicariousRed Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ising2liv6 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
OH MY FREAKING GOSH. I :heart: his hair and piercings!
Reminds me of a friend of mine... who was planning to dye his hair that color, but got stopped by his parents... Huh.

Aravind: *fidgets, smiling uncertainly* H-how are you?
VicariousRed Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha~ My hair's been that color a couple of times... plus some others too~ but it helps to have a rocker aunt. Makes it harder for parents to ban when my aunt's running around with rainbow colored hair.

Trick: Hi~ I'm fine... Have you noticed how weird this camp is? I'm Trick.
ising2liv6 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
Eh, that does seem to help. *grin* I'm still nervous about even getting my ears pierced... *rubs back of neck awkwardly*

Aravind: *sigh of relief* Aravind Sarin, daughter of Demeter. *grins, holding out hand* You can call me Vine.
VicariousRed Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Trick: -He eyes her hand nervously, then gingerly puts his in hers. A jolt of energy passes from him to her, making her blood fizz like a shot of caffeine. Trick yanked his hand back, looking sheepish- ...son of Hypnos... -he said sheepishly- Sorry... Twitch tells me that's my power... I don't have much control over it yet...
ising2liv6 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
Vine: *speaking quickly, with too much enthusiasm* Oh, don't worry, I'll be fine, Trick.
I mean, we all have the make of heroes and the blood of gods flowing through our veins,
so I'm sure you'll get it under control soon!
I mean, I've just regained the ability to grow seeds into seedlings again.
It'll be fine~ *bouncing on the balls of her feet*
VicariousRed Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Trick: -he grins sheepishly at her- Sorry again... I am working on it.... mostly it's really good though when a sleep attack is about to hit... keeps me from crashing immediately.
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